A bit about me

I am Ashley, a compassionate and gifted lifestyle guide, whose mission it is to serve and inspire others to overcome life’s obstacles and live in the most fulfilling way possible. I believe that dreams rise up for a reason, and that it is never too much to ask that they become your reality.

My background is in Psychology* and art. I grew up a dancer, a pianist and a painter, and enjoy making even the most mundane tasks artful. A total travel junkie, I thoroughly enjoy seeing the world from many perspectives.

I worked in corporate finance for many years before I finally decided to listen to my heart, which has most recently led me to Australia. I sold my car, left my job and said goodbye to friends and family, because I knew I was meant for a different life. You can read more about this journey here.

I discovered my love for yoga in 2009 and completed my yoga teacher training** in 2014. Yoga has been an incredible gift for me and I feel honored to be able to extend this gift to others.

I received holistic life coaching training from the Foundation for Holistic Coaching and Alan Cohen, Hay House author and motivational speaker.

Please feel free to visit my blog to learn more about my personal path and the work that I do. I am available for one-on-one coaching, group yoga classes and private yoga sessions.


I look forward to meeting you! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for more information.

Lots of love,


* I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from University of California at Davis

** I completed my yoga teacher training at Laughing Lotus in San Francisco, CA.


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