Many of you know my story: I left a high-pressure, high-paying job in San Francisco to follow a dream that was more aptly aligned with my soul. I hopped on a plane to Australia, knowing little more than this: I was ready to take a massive leap of faith and I trusted that I would gain from the experience all that I needed. Whatever that might be.

I had been living a life that was quite literally meant for someone else.

It was a good life – I felt very fortunate – but I had built a palace out of many shoulds, which just weren’t interesting to me anymore.

I have been asked many, many times, why I moved to Australia. I didn’t much enjoy this question, as I still don’t fully know the answer. It has always felt as thought the answer would be revealed gradually, over time, and it may still be years before I understand the impact that this move has had on me. Before I understand the reason I felt guided to go.

I still feel this way, though pieces have become clearer.

When I left San Francisco, a dear friend wished me well by saying: I hope you find yourself. I remember that this stopped me dead in my tracks. I had already found myself; this was why I was leaving. Working 70 hours a week in corporate America was not myself.

Why did she believe that I needed to be lost to take myself on an extraordinary adventure?

As I look back on the last few years, what I can see was this: part of what I would experience down under was deep loss. Of self, of trust, of belief. The great thing about this is that having moved through an extraordinarily difficult year and come out the other side, I am more in line with my higher self than I have ever been.

I am better equipped to make my largest dreams my reality and more qualified to help others do the same. I’ve moved beyond a place I had only dreamed possible and into something else entirely. Every day feels like a new, fun adventure. I am energized, alert, alive. I see my world with a piercing clarity and trust my inner guidance unfailingly. Things that were ‘hunches’ before are now undeniably obvious. And I keep thinking, “This Is So Much Fun.” Every day.

This Is So Much Fun.

And so I tell you, I have leaped off another cliff. I took in a deep breath of air, I jumped, unsure of what I would find down the rabbit hole.

This jump has brought me back to the US, but to a part of it I never imagined I would live in: the South! I’ve just arrived in Atlanta, the smallest city I have ever lived in, and I am beyond excited for what lies ahead.

I can tell you a few things:

  • I have moved for love. I have met someone who, in a relatively short linear time span, has been a major catalyst for growth and with whom I share many perspectives on the world. I am confident that this is the new paradigm of relationships that is available to those who have a strong desire to continue their spiritual evolution and find divine love. I have believed that a connection, a dynamic, like this was possible, but the reality is truly extraordinary and I cannot wait to share more with you.
  • I am still teaching yoga and my teaching is carrying a totally new power. I am elated to be joining a team of highly experienced leaders and teachers at Infinity Yoga. I am so looking forward to meeting the ATL yoga community and learning from new hearts and minds.
  • There will be more content available for you online. I have a library of guided meditations and various resources that have been waiting in the wings for the right time to come forth. Creativity is pumping through my veins these days and I cannot wait to share with you all that has been building within me.

I’d love to hear any thoughts or questions you have, so as always, feel free to drop me a line.

Lots of love to you!



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