Mindful Upgrade: 21 Days to High-Vibe Living is a 21-day meditation and transformation journey that will provide you with proven tools to clear out old blocks, resistance and limiting beliefs and step into a greater sense of passion, love and clarity in your life.

The effects of this program are cumulative — each day builds on the last — to build momentum and spark radical change in the areas where you most desire it.

This program will be delivered to you via daily emails that will include a mix of video, audio guided meditations, writing exercises and little bits of inspiration along the way. In addition, during the duration of these 21 days, I’ll be here for you as your Mindfulness Coach, accessible by email, to answer questions and provide feedback as you make your way through the process.



Eradicating Negativity and Limiting Beliefs

I’ll share with you the method that has worked wonders in my own life for clearing out thought patterns that work counter to your desires and excitement. We’ll take a look at the things that leave you feeling unsatisfied, unhappy and unfulfilled so that you can shift the beliefs that have created these experiences and instead build a new reality for yourself. I’ll walk you through the process by video, give you examples from my personal life to provide color and clarity, and will be here if you have questions or get stuck. Each day you will receive a short audio guided meditation to establish or strengthen your meditation practice and will ground you firmly in your own space and energy (meditations designed to work through the first three chakras) to build a strong foundation for our continuing work.


Opening Heart and Mind to Expansive Opportunities

We will continue our work through limiting beliefs and will dive deeper into aligning your frequency with your highest desires. The meditation practice will move deeper into the heart space, the fourth chakra, helping you to feel into your excitement, passion and inner guidance. This week, we’ll go through a process that will help you to determine the right “next steps” to take in any area of your life to shift you into a place of inspired action. As you move through more and more blocks, you’ll find greater energy for the things in life that bring you joy!


Ignite Creativity and Your Manifestation Superpowers

Having ignited a fire within over the past two weeks, we move into a week of creation and manifestation. Our meditation practice will shift to the fifth and sixth chakras — to creative expression and intuitive knowing. We align more fully with your highest vision for yourself, which will become clearer to you as we move along. Our practice for this week will be visualization to give you the experience of already having what you want, to pave the way for that reality to move quickly toward you!


The more dedicated you are in mind and heart, the quicker and more profoundly you will experience shifts in your life. I will invite you to approach your days more mindfully, with increased awareness around your internal landscape. This aside, the time requirements are minimal: 30 minutes a day will suffice for many of you. Others may want to dive deeper and work more thoroughly through exercises and revisit meditations. It works best when done every day; however, if you miss a day or two, of course you can go back. I’ve set up a specific structure because it works, but you are not bound to it.

One cool thing about time that I have experienced is that as we shift through resistance, we naturally have more time and energy for the things that excite us. This is my hope for you, which means that even if you live a very busy life, you will find that you can make plenty of time for this work we will do together.

The meditations I will send you are original from me and created specifically for this program, though every aspect of the work I do is inspired by my many incredible teachers. These exercises aren’t new; what I am giving you is a blueprint of what has worked for me personally (and for my coaching clients) and I offer my hand in direct guidance to help you along your way.

Lastly, the meditations will continue to be available for you for future use, long after our blissful three weeks are over. Which means, you can revisit any of this as you need.

Still have questions? Shoot me an email: info@ashleydunlop.com.


Ashley is a life coach, yoga teacher and writer. She has spent a decade studying yoga philosophy, mindfulness techniques and meditation to bring a holistic, spiritual emphasis to her background in psychology. Ashley works with students and clients both privately and in groups, through yoga and coaching, to help others create an expansive, joyous reality that aligns with their life’s purpose. She leads sold-out workshops, weekend and week-long retreats, and transformational coaching sessions to inspire brilliant souls to step outside their comfort zones and into a higher state of being.



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