Ashley Dunlop is a spirit-founded, grounded coach who embraces body, mind and spirit as an empowered, holistic approach to life coaching. She truly seeks to serve and can help you in a big way to overcome any hurdles and achieve your most important goals.

Alan Cohen, M.A.

Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Holistic Life Coach

Ashley has done her own inner work with such dedication and a genuine desire to reach her full potential and live in her authentic truth – and now she’s turning around and helping others to reach theirs. She is a gift.

Jennifer Kass

Spiritual Mentor

Ashley has been such a vital catalyst in moving me to the next level of my life, especially on my spiritual path. She helped me see how my need for meditation each day is essential for all my other plans to eventually intertwine and blossom. Her guidance is MORE than recommended, and each time you meet with her, I have no doubts you will grow and feel the love from one of the most genuine and cosmic souls that exists!

Cara Smith

Yoga Instructor

Ashley has a way of making your time with her feel as though you’re doing nothing more than having a conversation about yourself with a close friend, yet there’s a crucial difference: by the time you walk away you’ve realized something deeply profound about yourself. Not many people have the ability to lead others to self-realization by simply listening and asking questions in the way that she does. Her higher-level thinking and gentle, comforting nature allow you to really look inside yourself for answers that have been there all along. I like to think of Ashley as the bright light that helps me to illuminate the hidden truths inside.

Nadia Ben-Marzouk

Ph.D. Student, UCLA

Ashley’s joyful presence and poignant insight allows you to see yourself at your greatest. Our work together assisted me in progressing towards who I want to be, finding inspiration in steps I was able to take while resting assured the Universe would continue to light the way. Ashley is a great observer, knows the right questions to ask and is patient enough to give you the space to discover what you need to move forward while always standing by to support.

Charley Carroll


I came to Ashley suffering both mentally and physically from years of active service in the Military. It’s safe to say I was sceptical as to what yoga and a holistic lifestyle guide could do, but upon meeting Ashley she conveyed the sense of peace that I was seeking. She took an interest in finding solutions rather than focusing on the problems. She demonstrates her professionalism through her dedication and clear love for what she does. After just a few sessions we had the breakthrough I was seeking. The guidance Ashley provides is the cause of this breakthrough and with the knowledge that I had more work to do to further fix the issues in my own time I continued to heal. I still have a long journey to take with my physical injuries and my mental scars will be with me for life, but I am living more comfortably with myself and I have Ashley and her realistic, intelligent and beautiful nature to thank.

Tom Patton

Health and Safety Manager

Ashley is a testament to someone living in their light and having worked with her for 3 months has been a vital part of me creating the courage and confidence to transition into my purpose. I felt fully supported the whole time and will be forever grateful that we connected. Thank you so much!


Reiki Practitioner

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